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2013 is the year to say “I WILL!”

We have so much to look forward to in 2013.  It is already off to great start as many of our awesome members are achieving their goals in the martial arts.  Those goals vary because the may pertain to fitness, personal confidence, flexibility, discipline, social, focus, speed, power, self-defense and competition just to name a few.

We distinguished ourselves this last year in several ways.  McKenna Jolly is a current 17 and under Black Belt World Champion.  No small accomplishment.  Karate Quest launched a series of very sought after GUNFITX classes geared toward those who wish to carry a firearm for self-defense and teaching the tactics and application of the law to help them do so both at the time of the incident and in the legal aftermath that can follow.  Mr. Jolly is also sharing his reality based self-defense knowledge gained from his experiences serving as a law enforcement officer and a Special Agent for the US Secret Service at Western Washington University.

When you come to train with us, no matter what other goals you may have, we promise you will get in great shape, have fun and learn skills that could save your life.  Make 2013 your year to achieve more goals with the one thing that does so much simultaneously.

Come train at Karate Quest with locations in Fairhaven and Ferndale.

January 12, 2013 Hand Gun Home Defense and Personal Protection Course: Ladies Only Event!!

When I told other martial artist that I wanted to teach a civilian self-defense course that was firearms based they laughed.  Now that the course, GunFitX, is out of the box it is being sought out by people around the area to include invitations to teach at other martial arts studios.  One of the request that we had many of is for a “Women Only” class session.

Ladies, this is your chance to be empowered by superior firepower.  Your husbands will be impressed, and a little jelous, that you chose to learn the GunFitX system.  All the while your girlfriend will think you are Wonder Woman.  Imagine feeling safer in your home when you are alone as the adult guardian of your children.  Relish the fact that you won’t have to be fearful of walking to your car at night.  You will be at peace knowing that you can make the right decision, decisions that can save lives, when needed.

Be sure to bring a friend so that you can learn together these valuable life saving self-defense skills.

Gun Fit X

When you need it it feels great in your hands.

Karate Quest Sends McKenna Jolly to the World Games

In 2011, McKenna Jolly took second and a third during the World Games narrowly missing the coveted first place.  This year the 2012 World Games will be held in Buffalo, New York and McKenna will be there hunting the first place finish that she has been working for.

The road to the World Games has taken McKenna to tournaments in and out of the country where she has been highlighted for her numerous victories and as the CanAm Sport Karate Competitor of the Year.  McKenna says that working out is not work at all because she knows what her goals are.  When asked what the biggest challenge of being an international martial arts competitor and she will quickly tell you it is the financial cost.  She earns the necessary funds from teaching private lessons, seminars and like any 16 year old girl, she baby sits.  Furthermore she has been give some one time donation towards her tournament travel by some of the generous people that support her efforts.  McKenna is also an A student carried a full college course load.  She also actively teaches at Karate Quest where she trains.



A training seminar for those who have recently acquired their CPL (concealed permit license) or are simply interested in learning how to use a firearm for home protection.

Attend the GunFitX Training seminar on Saturday, February 11 and let Mick Jolly teach you the skills to know how to handle a firearm in any self-defense situation.

Mick Jolly is a law enforcement trainer, martial artist, former Special Agent with the U.S Secret Service and owner of the GunFitX Training Course.

This five hour seminar will give you the tools you need to defend yourself, your home and your family from an attack. This is a reality based seminar and you will learn what is needed to take your gun skills to the next level.

Topics Covered

Self Defense
Cover and Concealment
Use of Force Decision Making
Gun vs. Empty Hand
Empty Hand vs. Gun
Gun vs. Multiple Assailants
Gun vs Knife/Club
Gun vs. Gun
Home Defense Tactics
How to ‘clear’ a home
How to Perform Safety Checks
Vehicle Defense Tactics
Threat Assessment

COST $199.99 – All payment methods accepted. We can also arrange installment payments. 

CLICK HERE to Reserve Your Spot!