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Everything to Gain, Nothing to Lose!!

We want to Celebrate with YOU in Opening our Second Location!

* Wanna Get Back Into Shape?
* Do You Want You or Your Child to Learn Invaluable Self Defense?
* Need Somewhere that will Motivate You to Reach Your Goals, On and Off the Mat?
* Need a Positive Place for Your Child to Learn Valuable Lifeskills?


Start Improving your life NOW through the power of Martial Arts!!


Ferndale is the city Karate Quest was born, where we call home. For years now we have had the privilege to not only teach our community Self Defense, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Handgun Defense, but also provide a safe facility for our teens to hang out, somewhere that focuses on building life skills such as confidence and self discipline. With all that we provide we have been told by numerous potential students that they just wish we were closer, and that even though some of our students commute as far as Sudden Valley, we understand and we were listening


Karate Quest is proud to announce that we now have a SECOND LOCATION right in the heart of FAIRHAVEN!! At our new location we will be providing the same effective Kenpo Self-defense for both adults and kids, as well as Zumba classes, “Power 30” Cardio Kickboxing, and have a Parkour Program in development! Also don’t forget, both locations will have there very own HEALTH COACHES to assist you with reaching your health and fitness goals!

Our Second location has lots of extras still to add but for training it is ready to go! Wanna know more? Reach us on our revamped WEBSITE!

New Additions!!

The Karate Quest family is very pleased to announce new additions to our family and class schedule!  West Coast Fight Club founder and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Cody Houston has merged his family with ours and is under the new name and new energy of ‘Houston’s United Combat Sports.’  As if you couldn’t make a good thing better?  Now two great teams have become united into one!  In addition to our current outstanding program offerings we now also offer classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing and MMA.  Taught by some of the best coaches and athletes available.  Check the schedule page for times and classes!

I love Kick Boxing

Karate Quest now has an outstanding way for you register for your kick-boxing fitness workout.  You simply go to: and you can register for our new student special where you will get three classes and a set of “I Love Kick Boxing” Boxing gloves for just $19.99.   Please be certain to share this with friends and family so that you can enjoy the experience.  The new online sign-up process makes it easy to get started right away.

Join the Fun in 2011

We are excited about all that is occurring in this new year.  We ended the year 2010 with the arrival of the newest member of the Jolly family and immediately jumped into the excitement of 2011.

With the new year we have a lot of other exciting news ahead.  We will be attending a number of Martial Arts Competitions, Instructor Training events, and Seminars.  What is more is that we have a number of our students that are on track to earn the coveted Black Belt in Chinese Kenpo.

The wonderful thing is all the great people that come through our doors.  We truly value the families that we have training here at Karate Quest.  If you are not currently a member of our community, we invite you to join us.