Karate Quest Sends McKenna Jolly to the World Games

In 2011, McKenna Jolly took second and a third during the World Games narrowly missing the coveted first place.  This year the 2012 World Games will be held in Buffalo, New York and McKenna will be there hunting the first place finish that she has been working for.

The road to the World Games has taken McKenna to tournaments in and out of the country where she has been highlighted for her numerous victories and as the CanAm Sport Karate Competitor of the Year.  McKenna says that working out is not work at all because she knows what her goals are.  When asked what the biggest challenge of being an international martial arts competitor and she will quickly tell you it is the financial cost.  She earns the necessary funds from teaching private lessons, seminars and like any 16 year old girl, she baby sits.  Furthermore she has been give some one time donation towards her tournament travel by some of the generous people that support her efforts.  McKenna is also an A student carried a full college course load.  She also actively teaches at Karate Quest where she trains.


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