January 12, 2013 Hand Gun Home Defense and Personal Protection Course: Ladies Only Event!!

When I told other martial artist that I wanted to teach a civilian self-defense course that was firearms based they laughed.  Now that the course, GunFitX, is out of the box it is being sought out by people around the area to include invitations to teach at other martial arts studios.  One of the request that we had many of is for a “Women Only” class session.

Ladies, this is your chance to be empowered by superior firepower.  Your husbands will be impressed, and a little jelous, that you chose to learn the GunFitX system.  All the while your girlfriend will think you are Wonder Woman.  Imagine feeling safer in your home when you are alone as the adult guardian of your children.  Relish the fact that you won’t have to be fearful of walking to your car at night.  You will be at peace knowing that you can make the right decision, decisions that can save lives, when needed.

Be sure to bring a friend so that you can learn together these valuable life saving self-defense skills.

Gun Fit X

When you need it it feels great in your hands.


Everything to Gain, Nothing to Lose!!

We want to Celebrate with YOU in Opening our Second Location!

* Wanna Get Back Into Shape?
* Do You Want You or Your Child to Learn Invaluable Self Defense?
* Need Somewhere that will Motivate You to Reach Your Goals, On and Off the Mat?
* Need a Positive Place for Your Child to Learn Valuable Lifeskills?


Start Improving your life NOW through the power of Martial Arts!!

Moms Train Free When Kids Are Enrolled!

Regular 5P Workout

Regular 5P Workout

Right now Moms train for free when kids are signed up.  The great thing is the ability to train in the fitness class while the kids are learning.   We have the largest unobstructed Martial Arts workout floor in Whatcom County.  It is complete with the best mats and equipment, not to mention Instructors.

Whether your goal is Fitness, Weight Loss, Fun or Self-Defense, this class is the perfect fit.  Of course, when you enroll your child you can train free five days of the week.  You won’t find a better fit for your fitness goals anywhere.