Change is Coming

Black Uniforms at Karate Quest

We will be introducing the new uniform for Karate Quest as a result of you, our Karate Quest members.  The new uniform will be black in color.  We have had numerous request from mothers to change to “Black” with the hopes of it being easier to keep the uniforms looking neat and clean.   Also, some appeal to the idea that black has a slimming affect.

My main motivation for change is that I want to see the school look more uniform.  In the past the white uniform was the standard and the black uniform was reserved for the senior students and instructors in Kenpo.  The official uniform for the Modern Arnis is a black uniform with red piping.  The black will aid in us looking like we are on the same team, which of course we are.

Now, unless you fear that your white uniform will not be accepted, fear not.  You may continue to use your white uniform at this time or upgrade your martial arts wardrobe should you choose.   However, we will have a promotion where in you will be able to get your new black uniform for free.  More to follow on this.


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