Bigger and Better!

The classes at Karate Quest have been a lot of fun.  They have been attended by a greater number of students which in turn adds so much energy and so much more fun.  Our adult class was so full of energy tonight not to mention the smiles that you might have thought it was the kids class.

That said, we all have the ability to be a kid at heart once in a while.  That is what makes Karate Quest so great.  We get to work on valuable life saving and Self-Defense skills.  We get in great shape while we are doing it.  Best of all it is a lot of fun.  There are many reasons why the classes are fun and our numbers of participants are growing.

Part of what makes it so much fun is the fact that the way the Karate Quest Self-Defense curriculum is taught is that it involves using our mind as well as our body.  We not only get to focus on the physical skills of Self-Defense, but the physics, anatomy and principles of motion behind the techniques.

The next and maybe the most important part of the training is the in depth analysis of a Self-Defense scenario.  We cover things such as how a criminal chooses their potential victim, environmental awareness, posture and demeanor, and how to avoid the criminal pitfalls to start with as well as bunch of other really cool and empowering things.

One of the most empowering things is the sense of confidence that is developed over the course of training.  We have one lady who feels like she is Jackie Chan and Jet Li combined.  I’m not saying that she thinks she can do all of the super hero kind of moves, but her confidence and the way she carries herself makes her look like she can handle herself.  More importantly, she feels and believes that she can take care of herself should she have to.  Of course we all hope that we don’t have to test our skills and ability.

As one who has had to apply his skills professionally as well as while a private citizen I can say that their value is priceless when you need to respond.  Being prepared for negative situations makes you not fear the potential of them.  Should something happens you are less likely to freeze up because you are conditioned to respond.

Bottom line the training is fun so come on out and have a great time at Karate Quest.



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