Patriotism Lives On at Karate Quest this Veterans’ Day

Today we have the opportunity to celebrate Veterans’ Day right on the heels of yesterdays recognition of the 234th Anniversary of the prestigious United States Marine Corp.  I was never a Marine.  However, in a small way I am a product of the Marine Corp as my father served in the Marine Corp and later in the National Guard.  He served int he capacity of a Sergeant and thus some of his sense of discipline and respect was a natural by product of how I was raised.

My father has never bragged about his service to our country, but has always continued to show his love, appreciation and loyalty to the United States in his efforts to serve and help others as well as conduct all of his business dealing honorably.  He was also the one to inspire my early interest in the Martial Arts as he shared some of his Military Combative training with me at a young age and was supportive of my continued training in Self-Defense though out my school years.

My mother is also a patriot.  She is a direct descendant of President John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams.  Both of course are Former Presidents of the United States and the only father and son to have served in that capacity until George Bush and George W. Bush served in that honorable position as Commander and Chief.  My mother now serves as the regent for the Daughters of the American Revolution in our area where they perform many public service initiatives.

Needless to say, I too love our great nation and I feel it a privilege to share the benefits of the Martial Arts with the future leaders of country as well as the many good adults that make up our community.  Attributes such as Focus, Discipline, Confidence and Teamwork will arm all those that train at Karate Quest to be better members of their families as well as citizens of their communities and fellow patriots in this great county.

In honor of that we are privileged to train today to do our part to make America stronger on person at a time.  I will see you all on the mats.

Formal Salute,

Mick Jolly


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