Arrestling: For Those That Serve and Protect

After learning of the slaying of a fellow Police Officer in Seattle this last weekend I have given much thought to what we can do to make it safer for our Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) in whatever capacity they serve.  As one who has served as a LEO myself I am very passionate about Officer Safety.  Of course Defensive Tactics do not answer every situations.  However, I realized last night during our LEO only training how true the old adage is that we can’t let what we cant do keep us from doing what we can do.

Since opening Karate Quest we have provided free training training for the LEO community ranging from agency use by Local PD to the SO and a numerous LEOs that have utilized the free training we provide from nearly every agency you can think of.  We are also listed as an official Arrestling location where we exchange information that can add to the safety of those that serve.

Serving as an LEO has real risk.  The number of LEOs that are killed in the line of duty is staggering.  I have stood in front of the Vietnam Memorial Wall and those from WWII and Korea.  I have been to the Arlington Cemetery and Gettysburg.  I have been to Ground Zero at the Twin Towers location in New York  City and I have been to the Pentagon.  Those are all places that should be considered hallowed ground because of the sacrifice of those that have gone before us.  No less hallowed is the Memorial for Fallen Officers that is in Washington DC or the Memorial that is at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center in Burien.  I personally know people that are on both of those walls and their sacrifice should not be forgotten.  Let’s do what we can to make their job better.

Next time you see a LEO out doing his/her job give that person your respect for their courage and willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice to Serve and Protect.


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