Karate Quest TASK: Transported After School Karate

Our after school transportation karate service is now in session.

Being a school that has a lot of great families we make a strong effort to make our schedule work for our members.  However, one request that has come up quite a bit lately is that of picking up our younger students after school lets out and bringing them here to Karate Quest where they can gain those valuable skills and attributes that are every bit as important as their academic training.  The students have fun, get fit and learn valuable self-defense skills that could save their life someday.  This allows mom and dad to finish up their work day without having to make the mad rush to pick their child up after school.

It is here and we are building our enrollments in this special “After School” program.  Of course mom and dad can rest easy while their children are enjoying the best of leadership development through the martial arts while developing their attributes of Focus, Discipline, Confidence, Respect and Teamwork along with many others.

Our highly qualified staff has Eagle Scout Candidates, Black Belts, Top Academics and numerous competitive wins among them.  With just over two years of service at our present location, we see our students excelling in these areas as well.  You can tell a quality program by the great students.

What makes us different?  In part it is our individual testing.  Students are not automatically awarded a new rank just for showing up.  The testing process is not just a test it is a high powered private lesson that helps the student to take it to the next level.   Every student is helped along the path to personal mastery while learning valid real world self-defense as well as a lot of things that are just Fun!  When they achieve a new rank they feel great about it because they truly earned it.

Stop by or call today so that you can ensure your child’s spot in this exciting opportunity.


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