Training at Karate Quest

I came to the realization that training at Karate Quest is not for everyone.  I have seen individuals come into the school and see my badge on my desk and a commendation on my wall and turn uneasy.  It is not as if a criminal background check is required to enter the school.

This became more apparent as I fielded a telephone call where Karate Quest was found through the Action Yellow Pages.  In building rapport with the caller in an effort to understand how I could serve him I learned some of what his intended goals were, such as what brought he and his family to the area, what previous training they had and what their goals were, such as the self-defense and not the competition side of the arts.

As I began to speak regarding the benefits of the training at Karate Quest I discussed how my previous law enforcement experience made me appreciate the Self-Defense side of what we teach.  The caller quickley said something unintelligible and hung up.

I made efforts to reinitiate contact, but realized that this caller, like those folks that have come through the door and left, may have felt uncomfortable with the law enforcement ties.

Now, why would I write about this?  Because training at Karate Quest may not be for everyone.  Karate Quest is a training studio that seeks to be inclusive of good people and great families.  We train hard, get fit, have a lot of fun and learn valuable life-saving skills.

As Mr. Pat Armijo said, “We don’t need everyone.  We just need the right people.”

We invite good people and great families to come in and check out what we do at the school.  I think you will be pleased with what you see and who you see training.


One thought on “Training at Karate Quest

  1. Congratulations on completing your 2d year in Ferndale. Glad to see you’re doing well.

    When you introduce yourself as LE, you weed out the questionable elements and make a better environment for the good guys and gals in your dojo. Good idea!

    Say hi to Shayne from Becca’s dad in Orlando.

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