Get Fit and Safe in 2009

Karate Quest has added additional Fitness classes for 2009.  The cool thing is that some of the classes run head to head with the kids classes allowing for busy parents to train on the upper level while their kids train on the lower level.  The fitness class is perfect for the person who prefers to work out without the structure of a traditional martial arts class.

Of course we always invite the parents to don a karate uniform and train right alongside their kids.  What a cool experience that is.  You can’t attend Middle School or graduate from High School with your kids, but you can earn yout Black Belt together.  That is one of the most incredible things you can ever do.

For those that take their training even more serous we invite you to participate in our Adult Self-Defense or Modern Arnis class.  Best of all you can achieve your fitness goals, have a lot of fun and what you learn can help you save your life.

Come by and see us.   Remember, stay Fit and Safe!


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