CSI: Cub Scout Investigators!

Karate Quest was invited to assist with the Cub Scout Twilight Camp for the second year in a row.  The camp is held each year at Hovander Park in Ferndale, Washington and serves the Bellingham and Whatcom County area.

Adam Jolly, a fellow Boy Scout member, highly accomplished weapons competitor and a very capable Karate Quest Instructor, led the training for the young scouts.  This is a fantastic demonstration of how the leadership taught in the martial arts and scouting go hand in hand.  The 2008 theme was none other than CSI:  Cub Scout Investigators.  Adam learned to dust and lift his first set of prints when he was a Cub Scout.  Probably not a big surprise as he grew up in a law enforcement family.  However, his task was to teach some very basic self-defense to the 100 plus attendees.  That was done smoothly and efficiently and the Cubs had a great time.

The highlight was at the end of the evening when Eli Jolly performed a bo-staff demonstration that he carried out flawlessly with the back-flips, butterfly kicks and many other cool techniques thrown in.  Oh, did I tell you that Eli is a Cub Scout participating in the camp.  What’s more is that Eli recently placed third in the underblet division of the Pacific Jewel Nationals.  This was just another example of Karate Quest Excellence!


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