Remy Presas: A Big Modern Arnis Hit!

The Seminar started off on Friday 13th, and was a big hit.  There were individuals attending from a variety of backgrounds from curious civilian to seasoned law enforcement officers.  Everyone benefited and was able to take something away from the event and have a greater appreciation for the Modern Arnis that is headed by Grand Master Remy Presas, Jr.

Not only did he prove to be a master of the martial art that he teaches, but he has also mastered the art of being a gentleman.  At the end of the day, it is very cool to meet so many remarkable and yet humble people that make up the world of martial arts be it in Chinese Kenpo Karate, Modern Arnis or any of the many other martial arts.

That said, I have met enough martial artist over the years to know that not all are people that I would like to spend my time around off the training floor.  I have to say that would not be a concern regarding Remy Presas.

While here he bestowed the rank of 6th degree black belt on Pat Armijo who teaches the Modern Arnis at the Karate Quest Studio.  Pat had no idea that he would be promoted.  There were three individuals at the event that were testing for various degrees of black belt and Pat was not one of them.  Pat accepted the honor graciously and is the newest of a select few 6th degree black belts in the Modern Arnis.

If you missed this one do not worry.  I’m certain that Mr. Presas will be returning in the future.

Come by and allow us to introduce you to Karate Quest Excellence!




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