Remy Presas is Coming to Karate Quest

This Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th we will be privileged to have Remy Presas, Junior, the Senior Black Belt and Grandmaster of Modern Arnis at the Karate Quest Training Center in Ferndale, Washington. Mr. Presas is coming at the invitation of my good friend and fellow martial artist Pat Armijo. How cool is that? There will even be several individuals who will test for their Black Belt status in the art with Grandmaster Presas.

If you do not know the name Remy Presas as it applies to the Martial Arts then you should. As a kid in school I followed the career of Remy Presas, Senior, as he traveled about the United States and abroad with such notables as Walley Jay and Ed Parker promoting the art of Modern Arnis. Since the death of Remy Presas, Senior, his son and first Black Belt in the Modern Arnis, Remy Presas, Junior has carried the torch as the official head of the system.

Just as I observed following the death of Mr. Ed Parker there was a lot of people claiming they were anointed to be the new system head following the death of Remy Presas, Senior. So not to sound too much like a line straight out of the Highlander, “There can only be one.” Grandmaster Remy Presas, Junior, is the one when it comes to Modern Arnis.

How do I apply that same attitude regarding Kenpo Karate and the passing of Mr. Parker you ask? Quite simple. Mr. Parker’s 4th Black Belt was Chuck Sullivan. When you strip away the politics Chuck is the Senior Grandmaster and final word when it comes to Kenpo Karate. Another Kenpo great is that of Vic Leroux who has trained with Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Parker since he was just a kid himself.

That said, come train with Grandmaster Remy Presas this weekend. You will learn a ton and truly enjoy the camaraderie that exist at Karate Quest.


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