Karate Quest’s Adam Jolly 1st in Black Belt Competition at Pacific Jewel Nationals

The Black Belt divisions are tough and the best martial arts athletes in the world show up at Padific Jewel Nationals which is a top NBL (National Black-Belt Legue) event making it one of the most highly credible events there is in the Sport Martial Arts world.  There are a ton of tournements conducted by schools and small associations of schools where they declare their own world championships.  However, the Pacific Jewel Nationals is not one of those.

So, let’s get down to business.  The event spanned over two days, Friday and Saturday, May 9-10, 2008, in which competitors were eliminated from competition.  This was not a small task as there were nine different rings in constant motion up until eight of them had to broke down for the Grand Championship on Saturday night.  By the end of the eliminations Adam Jolly secured 1st Place in Black Belt Weapons.  Of course he used his preferred weapon the Katana to slice through the competion. 
Saturday night he competed against two other highly skilled competitors for the overall tournement Grand Champion position for the weapons. 

New to the stage, Adam Jolly, had a restart with his sword routine but then nailed his second attempt.

  The restart cost him a little bit and he tied for second with a very narrow margin between he and the first place competitor.  Overall this was and outstanding performance as it was Adam’s first time attending the Pacific Jewel Nationals, it was great that he was able to bring home the Gold and perform so well in the Grand Champion runoff.
Eli Jolly competed at the Pacific Jewel Nationals as well and placed third in weapons for his under Black-Belt division.  I don’t think it will be long before he has the opportunity to compete for a Grand Championship Position at a prestigious and credible tournament like this one was.

Congratulations to both Adam and Eli for their Karate Quest Excellence!


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