Well we had another outstanding graduation ceremony at the school. We had approximately 50 rank advancements and awarded the first orange belts since the school opened last September. That was a very exciting thing as all of the people who were awarded a rank earned that rank.

Every person must undergo an individual evaluation. This differentiates it quite a bit from the group test that many schools do. It takes a lot more time and effort, but it yields a better result. The students are generally well prepared for the exam process through the regular class training sessions and their personal training that they do (this karate homework really makes a difference). Also, we generally offer some special open gym times for the school members to come and work on whatever they need to work on while we circulate as instructors to assist and tailor their needs.

However, the best part of the testing is that it works out to be a private lesson where student and instructor can review the techniques and determine an exact plan of action to take the student to the next level of their training. This accelerates the student’s learning process and advances their skill level much more rapidly than the group testing format employed by so many other schools. What’s more is the test can be video taped to allow the student to see their performance from a third party perspective. This is particularly helpful as the students work on advanced concepts in their martial arts progression.

That said, we must congratulate the students for all their hard work. Regarding those students who are still in their youth we must also congratulate their parents who make the training possible for their children. Of course we must also give a shout out of “good job” to the assistant instructors who facilitate a large part of the learning that takes place in the school.

Karate Quest Excellence!!


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