Karate Quest Graduation!!

Karate Quest held it’s very first belt graduation and gave the already new school a brand new look. In short we went from being a brand new school full of white belts to a school with yellow striped belts, beginning yellow belts and full yellow belts. In all nearly 40 members of the Karate Quest family were promoted following two days of testing.

Each person is tested on an individual basis allowing for more exact feedback on what they did really well and what they can do better. We want each student to be on a quest to be their best.

While the majority of the students were promoted in the art of Kenpo Karate a few were also awarded ranks of yellow belt for their hard work in the art of Modern Arnis under the guidance of Mr. Pat Armijo. They also demonstated some of their basic knife and stick techniques for the guest and visitors at the graduation ceremony.

Another highlight was Team Karate Quest and their high energy demonstration that included good sound traditional technique with an occasional, “Wow!” kind of move thrown into the mix in the form of a back-flip or 720 hook-kick. Not to mention the gainers.

Congratulations to all of the students in the Karate Quest school and their families that support them in this great endeavor to achieve our highest potential.


3 thoughts on “Karate Quest Graduation!!

  1. Ah yes, it was good to get my yellow belt and as soon as I get back from my trip I’m looking forward to training for the next level.

  2. That was an awesome performance from the Karate Quest Demonstration Team. So many people that night; it was super. Thank you Karate Quest for a cool ceremony!

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