Adam Jolly Grand Champion Swordsman

The October 20th, 2007, Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships was and exciting martial arts event with something for everyone. They had the usual traditional forms and sparring, but they also had the Pankration, MMA (mixed martial arts) and Ju-Jitsu events. One of the most exciting events was that of the various creative forms divisions with the high-flying acrobatic kicks, twists and flips. What a high level of athleticism it takes too when you consider that most people only see that kind of action in movies and television programs.

What made is particularly fun for Team Karate Quest was that they took home two first and a second in various age divisions while the Team Captain, Adam Jolly, took home the Grand Champion Title following an outstanding sword performance. Eli Jolly and McKenna Jolly contributed to the other victories.

Gabriel Jolly made his Pankration debut and performed very well. His performance demonstrated that he has the potential to take the division in the years to com. Gabriel made a few mistakes kept him out of the running for a title in his division this time.

What a cool day!


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