Philipino Martial Arts Digest Editor Steven Dowd Does the First Karate Quest Seminar!

We have had a lot of excitement at the school since it opened just about three weeks ago. Well as if getting open and getting going wasn’t exciting enough we were treated to a special visit by Professor Steven Dowd who not only serves as the editor Filipino Martial Arts Digest, but is also the current Grand Master of Arnis Balite. While the Karate Quest school is brand new, with many students that have little or no martial arts training prior to joining Karate Quest as well as a handful of seasoned martial artist, Professor Dowd taught a fantastic seminar covering the basic principles of the art that he loves so much.

Professor Dowd learned about Karate Quest throuh our own Mr. Pat Armijo who is the senior most Modern Arnis instructor in the region having trained under Master Remy Presas and Remy Presas Junior. However, with Mr. Armijo’s eclectic background as an advanced black-belt in Kenpo Karate among other arts he is always on the lookout for things that other accomplished martial artist are doing that he can learn from. That said, over the years Professor Dowd and Mr. Armijo have struck up a friendship that continues to grow with the arts.

All in all it was a well attended and definitely well worth while event for all.


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