Summer Is Over, But The Fun Is Just Beginning!!

Well I have taken far to long to write a post on the website.  In short we have accomplished so very much and we have had so little time to take it all in.  It has been great.  We ended the summer with a phenomenal week at the Northwest Washington Fair where we carried on a constant flow of demonstrations and allowed the public to win some free Karate Training.  We teamed up with Shayne Simpson’s Pacific Northwest Karate Center, Bellingham, Washington at the fair grounds.

We were not center stage at the fair, but when the members of Team Karate Quest and Shayne Simpson’s Team Rock Solid were performing we would have hundreds of people simply watching in amazement as the martial arts were performed in ways that were thought only possible in movies.  The kids performing ranged from 8-17 years of age and they all performed at levels well beyond their years.  Of course they could make no better tribute to their respective schools than to perform at such a high level.

 Come to think of it, that is what makes this so fun.  There is nothing like seeing a child develop well beyond their expectations and the expectations of their parents.  The secret behind that is dedicated instructors and committed parents who support their kids on their journey to Black Belt.  Many places teach karate or some form of martial art.  However, the instruction that helps kids become the best they can be and express that in all areas of their lives is found in very few schools.  We want to continue the tradition of being that kind of school.

If you didn’t get a chance to see us at one of the local events, such as the Northwest Washington Fair or the Ferndale Street Festival, come on by and see as at our school.  We would love to see you and get a chance to know what it is that you find interesting in the martial arts.


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