Cub Scouts and Sword Play

Adam Jolly with a SwordWe received a last minute invitation to participate in the closing ceremonies of the local Cub Scout Twilight Camp. Apparently the person who was scheduled was a no show so we took the opportunity to participate. The theme is all about the medieval times and knights in armor and such. The Cub Scouts participating get to make a wooden sword during the camp.

Well we really don’t do much in the way of knights. At least not in the European tradition. However, Adam Jolly does a fantastic sword demo. So that is what we did. The presentation that Adam did was complete with high powered kicks and back flips as well as doing things with a sword that you might think could only be done with movie theatrics.

Adam was able to provide the additional tie of being a scouter himself from cub scouts on up and is in the process of completing his Boy Scouts of America Eagle Project. Of course Adam Jolly is an avid martial artist who like his father has trained in the martial arts since being a young child. The level of skill and confidence that Karate provides are evident in Adam’s performance and daily demeanor.


One thought on “Cub Scouts and Sword Play

  1. I love doing sword demonstrations!!!
    The cub scout one was by far my favorite. They thought I was a superhero or someting like that(one lady told me her son thought I was a power ranger in a karate uniform, I’d like to think so as well!).

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